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a guide to neckline fpr bridesmaid dresses

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You’ve probably heard it a million times, but V-necks are by far the most flattering neckline for almost any figure. The V-shape elongates the neck and torso and beautifully emphasizes an oval face. Not only is it slimming, but it hides broad shoulders, supports a busty chest, creates curves for girls who lack them, and will turn an hourglass shape into perfection! Could it possibly get any better? Just about every busty girl can agree, having a larger chest is a blessing and a curse! Keep your girls supported and comfy in a classic V-neck bridesmaid dress. Options such as Chloe or Ellie are gorgeous choices that are meant to elongate your neck and torso for a long and lean look. Not to mention, it will give your lady-friends the support they need and the curves you'll love! Don’t want to show cleavage? Try a more modest style such as Quinn.

Then if your bridesmaids have wide shoulders, you can choose Broad Shoulders style bridesmaid dresses. If you have broader shoulders that you're looking to narrow down, You’ll want to go for an option that elongates the neck and draws attention inward toward your waist. Strapped options such as Chloe or Quinn are great, A-line bridesmaid dresses to cover up your shoulders and put the focus on the bodice. Audrey is also flattering as the criss-cross neckline will distract from any upper-broadness.

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