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According your face shape to choose dress

Consider your face shape in order to choose the perfect neckline If you have an oval face, then you are blessed with what it is considered to be the ideal face shape - forehead wider than the chin, cheekbones slightly prominent and face delicately narrowing towards the chin, which is narrow and oval. This mean you can choose any type of neckline you like.

If you have a round face (as wide as it is long, a little narrower at the forehead and jaw line), you should look for a prom dress that elongates your face to make her look more oval. V-necks, Queen Anne and Empire necklines, sweetheart and scoop necks suit best your oval face. Always avoid high neck dresses and supersized necklaces, as they tend to hide the neck and therefore make your face look even more round.
If you have a triangle face (wide jaw line, narrow forehead), look for necklines with a stronger vertical shape that can add curves to your face: Sabrina necklines, scoop necks, sweetheart necklines and cowl necks.

If you have a heart shaped face (sharp and oval chin, slightly prominent cheekbones, wide forehead), you need to make your face look wider, so opt for necklines that draw a horizontal line near the neck: high or wide necklines.
If you have a square face (square jaw line, forehead, cheekbones and jaw having the same width), the perfect prom dress for you should have a vertical shape, so look for scoop necks, Sabrina, sweetheart, cowl neck styles, and always avoid square necklines.

If you have an oblong face (prominent chin, forehead, cheekbones and jaw line having the same width), look for prom dresses with necklines that can make your face look wider and more oval: round, wide, Sabrina and cowl necks. Also, stay away from V-neckline dresses.

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