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Choose a dress color that will stand out

Research your event’s theme, ask your school’s prom committee what color palette they plan to go with and work from there. Choose a dress color that will stand out, while still complementing your atmosphere.

Does your prom or homecoming have a theme? Let’s go with under the sea as an example; predictably, this theme’s color scheme will feature blue.

You could go with blue prom dress, it is certainly evocative of water and there is an array of different shades you can find. Bahama blue, deep sea blue, navy blue, and the list goes on but this makes it easy to ignore the other color options of the palette. Let’s get a little more creative; sea foam green, pearly pink, sandy yellow, seashell purple, sea salt white, and coral red are all versions of colors on the spectrum that inspire thoughts of undersea life. There are specific tones of every color of the rainbow that exist that will go with every theme imaginable (trust me).

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