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Help your daughter to find a perfect dress for her

prom dress

Be sure that you fully understand all of the school rules and guidelines before you begin shopping. It is much better to avoid disallowed styles than to see your daughter fall in love with a prom dress and then find out later that it is not permitted by her school. 

A particularly touchy subject for many conservative parents is the issue of modesty. Many of today’s popular styles are rather revealing. Some dresses sold in the prom collection are quite body-conscious. If you want your daughter to wear a more modest prom dress, discuss the matter with her in advance. Be receptive to her thoughts and ideas, and calmly explain your own beliefs to her. Be willing to compromise and negotiate. Remember that a modest prom dress does not have to appear frumpy. Do your own online research to arm yourself with pictures to show your daughter. If she falls in love with a dress that you do not consider appropriate, explain to her what you find inappropriate. Remember though, ultimately, it is your daughter’s prom, so try to allow her as much personal freedom as possible in her decision.

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