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How To Be The Star Of your Party?

Everyone want to be the best shining star in party, then How To Be The Star Of Every Party? You should do those thing below.

First and most important, pick a gorgeous party dress for yourself, a beauty prom dress is necessary. Start looking at fashion magazines and stores as early as three to four months before your prom. Know your body shape and how to match it to the perfect cut. Find the right dress and be self-confidence, you will be the queen in the party.


Then you'll want to start a proper skincare regimen at least a few weeks in advance," says celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle. "Concentrate on your face, but also address other areas like your back if you have body acne issues and want to wear a backless dress, or your arms if you have eczema. When you're testing out new skin care products, you want to give yourself enough time before the big day in case your skin has a negative reaction."

And remember make up perfect, "You want your makeup to make you look like the best version of your every day self—not someone completely different," says Buckle. "If you normally wear colorful eyeshadows and lipsticks, prom is the perfect opportunity to experiment with an interesting color, like a fuchsia lip. But if you're more of a no-makeup, makeup girl, try a sheer, neutral palette of pinks and soft golds, then build from there." The goal is to be recognizable when looking back on your prom pics years from now.

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