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How to choose bridesmaid dress

First, select a dress or dresses that you like. Start by choosing a style or a color, whichever is more important to you. Be sure to pick your own wedding gown before beginning the search for bridesmaid attire. Your gown and their dresses should coordinate but don't have to be an exact match.

1. DON'T ASKING THE WRONG QUESTIONS: For the most part, people know what they’re signing up for when agreeing to be a bridesmaid. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still ask questions. Instead of trying to figure out what dress style everyone will love, ask if anyone has a no fly list. Maybe your redheaded bestie hates the color orange, your small-chested sister won’t wear strapless bridesmaid dresses, and your gender non-conforming cousin doesn’t mind dresses, but would prefer to wear something less fitted. It’s way easier to narrow down from a list of don’ts than from a list of must haves. 

2. TAKE SHADE: Think about the body types and individual styles of your bridesmaids. If you'd like them all to don the same dress, choose one that will look great on the most hard-to-fit girl. The others can always get the dress altered to fit their shapes. Or allow each maid to choose a different dress style in the same color scheme or fabric to tie the look together. Remember, you can't please everyone, so don't stress yourself out. And be confident in your choices.

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