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How to choose your wedding dress?

wedding dress

How to choose your wedding dress? Here are some trips, you can have a look.

Remember that you know yourself best. There are a lot of conventions about which dress looks best on which body type, and generally they are great places to start from. But you want to be careful that you don’t pick a fit you don’t like or are not comfortable with.
A great way to figure out what fit is best for you individually is to look at the dresses you already own. Although they are much less formal than your wedding dress will be, figure out what fit you generally wear and feel comfortable in.
Another way to find the best cut is to think about your favorite feature and find a way to flaunt it. For example, if you have toned arms, find a sleeveless dress so that you can show them off.
Accentuating a body part doesn’t necessarily mean exposing it. Be careful of showing too much leg or cleavage, as showing too much skin can make your dress look less formal.
Take images that you have collected of your favorite wedding dresses and styles. You can print them out to make a physical collage, or you can make a Pinterest board so you can access the pictures from your computer.
Sometimes making a collage or board can make sense of what kind of dresses you like. You may not really know why you like a dress when you look at it individually, but if you put pictures together of different dresses you like, you may start to see similarities in style.


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