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Leave enough time before your prom

formal prom dress prom dress

No matter how busy you are, make prom dress shopping a priority. Some dresses have to be special ordered. The dress may require alterations. Allow plenty of time for both shipping and altering prior to the big day. Remember that thousands of proms are held within a short span of time. Your will be competing with many others to find a great prom dress. As prom time approaches, prices may rise and the selection of dresses may shrink. starting researching her prom dress online as soon as the beginning of the party. Your final selection should be made no less than a month before the prom. 

Then Plan your budget for your prom dress and begin saving as soon as possible. Be sure to allow extra cash for small accessories like hair clips, pantyhose, and make-up.

There is one warning need to remind you, Beware when shopping with friends, especially for a big item such as a formal prom dress. A friend might say the dress doesn't look good because she wants it for herself. So take your mom or sister first, and choose a few dresses, then take friends for final selection.

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