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Shades of the Seasons for wedding

Shades of the Seasons
I try to avoid color schemes that are too predictable. For example, a fall wedding that’s orange and brown makes
me think of Halloween and pumpkins. "Harvest" colors are too clichéd; you don’t want your wedding to be too
"themey." Instead, consider taupe or burgundy with copper and a hint of lavender. Fall is perfect for being
fashion forward with unique colors.

Spring: Spring colors are usually all about pastels, but change it up a bit by adding deep splashes of plum or

Summer: Go for bold yellows, purples, reds and blues. Or select different shades of a color: Coral, salmon and a
deep burnt orange would be stunning.

Winter: All-white is gorgeous, but add a splash of lavender for warmth. Or go for a metallic, like pewter,
silver, copper, bronze or gold, for depth and richness.

Your wedding is a blank canvas just waiting for you to paint it in your special colors. Have fun creating a

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