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stand out with your friend

Ask your date what their color preferences are and see what you both like. If you two can agree then it is a fun thing to do, but if it doesn’t work out it’s not big deal! Whether your date is a special someone or a special friend, you two could have fun coordinating colors!

You two could highlight each other by wearing opposite complementary colors. These colors are opposite on the color wheel and create the strongest contrast when placed next one another. Now you don’t have to go with colors like red prom dress and green prom dress and end up looking too Christmas-y but consider magenta and green or blood orange red and turquoise. In this way, when you and your date are beside one another, you will contrast each other brilliantly! You two must Will stand out! 

You two could wear the same color and match. If you can find the same shade of a color then you and your date could be twinsies! However, don’t get hung up on wearing the exact same shade if it’s not available. Both of you should wear the shade that flatters you individually, besides, uniformity is bland while variation is intriguing!

Not interested in matching? You two could also accent each other with analogous colors. These colors are next to each other on the color wheel. Pairings like Indigo and blue, violet and wine, dandelion and amber, or aquamarine and cerulean are similar yet separate so you and your date can rock your own colors but still look like you go together!

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