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Tips on how to choose bridesmaid dresses

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Everyone has their own wedding board on Pinterest, right? I’m not even engaged yet, and I know I do…And let’s be honest, even if I didn’t work in the wedding industry, I probably still would. Anyways, Pinterest is the perfect tool when planning your wedding. Search for bridesmaid dresses and get some ideas of colors and styles you’re interested in. From trending mix-and-match dresses to having your girls wear different shade dresses that still coordinate – there are SO many different ideas out there. Follow us on Pinterest for some inspiration!

Be mindful of dress color and skin tones. I bet you can name three colors off the top of your head that don’t go particularly well with your skin. Keep in mind that trending colors such as blush bridesmaid dresses and champagne bridesmaid dresses do not look good on everyone so considering how each of your ‘maids is going to look and feel in the dress is actually really important. Spray tans are always an easy fix for this! Hair color is also something to take into consideration as well. I talked with a bride this past weekend who really wanted to do red dresses, but one of her ‘maids is a red-head so instead she chose purple so the color wouldn’t wash her out. How considerate, right?


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